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EditThis.info Logo.png
Type: Wiki farm
Founding date: 2005

EditThis.info is a wiki farm that was founded in 2005 by Rob Kohr.[1]

Why It's Tiresome

  1. It's running MediaWiki 1.15, which is beyond outdated. This has led to an influx of spam accounts and users abusing exploits to do things that only administrators can do under normal circumstances.[2][3]
  2. It's missing many features that other wiki farms have. For example, there are only 5 extensions installed.[4]
  3. RobKohr, the only admin, is very inactive, only making 1 or 2 edits for months or even years at a time.[5]
    • In fact, from July 2011 to July 2019, he only made two manual (not automatic) log actions and didn't even make a single edit. That's 8 years of almost no activity.[6]
  4. The ads are annoying, with some of them even covering the main content. Thankfully, they can be hidden.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It's one of only two wiki farms that allow you to actually make money off of your wiki, the other being Wikidot.[7]