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This wiki is not for harassment and biased views. Anyone found adding harmful content will be blocked.

Welcome to Tiresome Wikis Wiki!

Wikis that will make you contribute somewhere else.

This wiki is about wikis that weren't made successfully and thus are now deemed tiresome. Wikis can be bad for several reasons: poorly-written pages, bad admins, lots of drama, etc. Please add a wiki that you think is bad!

So far, we have 19 articles about bad wikis.

Forbidden Pages
  1. Anything already on Creative Wikis Wiki: Self-explanatory.
  2. ANY user from any wiki or site: This wiki is only for wikis. Adding pages about a user will net a nine month block. Articles about controversy surrounding a user is okay though.
  3. Any wiki that is under 60 days old and/or has under 25 pages: Wikis need time to become finished. Adding pages prematurely about underdeveloped wikis that may or may not end up tiresome is seen morally wrong around here; therefore it's forbidden to add such pages.
  4. Personal wikis: The founder is usually the only contributor, so a page on their personal wiki would basically be a page about them.
Recommended Wikis