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Anitales Wiki
This wiki was a dishonor for The Anitales series itself
Type: Encyclopedia
Hosting service: Fandom
Founding date: July 3, 2018‎[1]
Founder(s): MCcreeper78654[2]
Closing date: October 2022[3]

The Anitales Wiki was a wiki based on the story-making app Anitales.

Why It AniSucked

  1. The biggest problem with the wiki was its content:
    • Most pages were about a fictional TV adaptation of Anitales, which is mostly just gameplay footage of Roblox.[4][5]
    • Some pages had nothing to do with Anitales.[6]
  2. The only admin had their account disabled,[7] leaving the wiki with no way to stop vandals.
  3. The wiki was vandalized pretty heavily.[8][9]
    • One user made spam posts on the wiki's Discussions.[10][11]
  4. Many, many arguments about the fake shows.
  5. A user named Stickynote112 vandalized several pages,[12][13][14] threatened to ban people who edited pages (despite not being an admin),[15] and called everyone on the wiki twats just because Anitales died.[16]

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The new wiki, Anitales - Make Story Wiki, is much, MUCH, better than this one.
  2. Some pages were still informative.[17][18]