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Atrocious Deviants Wiki
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What kind of wiki logo is this "anyway"?
Type: Reception wiki
Hosting service: Fandom (2018)
Miraheze (2018-2020)[1]
Founding date: July 2018 (Fandom)[1]
November 28, 2018 (Miraheze)[2]
Founder(s): Inky100 (Fandom)[1] Theresnoname (Miraheze)[3]
Closing date: November 21, 2018 (Fandom)[1]
Also/formerly known as: ADW[1]

Atrocious Deviants Wiki (ADW)[1] was a reception wiki hosted on Miraheze focused on Deviants with a bad reputation and atrocious moments in DeviantArt history. It was initially founded by Inky100 in July 2018 on Fandom; however, it was closed there on November 21, 2018,[1] and was moved to Miraheze by Theresnoname[3] seven days later.[2] The wiki was closed again in April 2020.[4]

Why It Got Suspended

  1. Like with most negative user reception wikis, the wiki doesn't take into account what a "reception wiki" is. A reception wiki would be a wiki focused on poorly-received or well-received media, and therefore, people on reception wikis should usually be infamous for making that. However, the pages on ADW mostly focus on Deviants with a bad reputation rather than ones that make bad content.
  2. Many pages had little to no references.[5][6][7]
    • Several pages were also overexaggerated.[8][9][10]
  3. The infamous Zenko Controversy article, which had many problems:[11]
    • The page was incredibly off-topic for ADW, as the only reason it was considered slightly on-topic is because Zenko criticised several Deviants for questionable reasons, and they realistically never created a DeviantArt account, and for the most part had barely anything to do with it. While you could argue the same about gamers on Crappy Games Wiki, not only is that also questionable, but at least CGW had a more broad focus, while ADW is clearly focused on DeviantArt.
    • Even if you were to argue that the page was technically about her controversy and not Zenko herself, while that is indeed true, Zenko's actions did not have much of an affect on DeviantArt or any Deviants aside from ones who contribute to ADW or other reception wikis that had drama related to Zenko, along with WolfDoge111 responding to Zenko putting them on the TBA Pages page.[12]
    • The page uses a lot of screenshots for proof, despite them being unreliable because they can be edited either using the inspect element or by other means.
    • The page claimed that Zenko "manipulated" Inkster into putting the Kingdom Hearts page on Awesome Games Wiki up for deletion, even though it is clear that Zenko just said that they believed it was a "divisive" series and Inkster decided that she was right.[13]
  4. For some reason, the wiki had several random and unclear positions for staff, such as "Quality Control Officer" and "B&Hammer Queen."[14]
  5. Most of the pages were incredibly petty and biased, and sometimes were only made for the purpose of being used for slandering.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. MBL (known at the time as Popzikles),[15] an administrator on ADW, did realise the poor quality of several articles and tried to get users to help improve the articles,[1] however this unfortunately did not work, and even the "good" articles they mentioned (WubbaWankStain69, IncestLove124, and Bart-Toons) realistically were also of poor quality (due to still having several unsourced claims), even if not as bad as others.[16][17][18]



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