Awful Movies Wiki (2020-2022)

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Awful Movies Wiki
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This wiki ruined the movie history
Type: Reception Wiki
Hosting service: FANDOM (February 15, 2015 - September 2018)
Miraheze (September 2018 - 26 September 2022)
Founding date: February 15, 2015[1]
Founder(s): Official-PSASD (Cpend7)
Closing date: September 26, 2022

Awful Movies Wiki was a wiki founded on February 15, 2015‎. This wiki is known for focusing on mediocre/bad movies in history. It was closed on 26 September 2022 along with other Qualitipedia wikis following the success of the RfC closure of the Qualitipedia Network.

Why It Was Awful Itself (pun intended)

  1. Though thankfully deleted, one of the blogs on their site mocked LITERAL CHILD PORN'S hatedom despite child porn being made illegal for good reasons.
  2. FreezingTNT, one of the former admins, complained about the Lion King sequels being on Awful Movies Wiki and also about being demoted. He also threatened to move Cuties to the Greatest Movies Wiki to poke fun at a rule on the movie wikis.[2][3]
  3. The Loud House Movie article has an infamous history of users complaining about it being a good movie despite the flaws,[citation needed] which caused it to be banned off of the wiki and Greatest Movies Wiki (its sister wiki).[4]
  4. The Cuties article once had redeeming qualities on the page, even though child porn is illegal in many countries.[5] The redeeming qualities were thankfully removed though.
    • Likewise, the Leaving Neverland article once had redeeming qualities on the page, despite the fact that disrespecting the dead is known to be an irredeemable act.[6] Luckily, however, just like the Cuties article, the redeeming qualities were removed.
  5. Same with the game reception wikis defending Nintendo and the Excellent Music Wiki defending artists/bands like Avril Lavigne and Slipknot, these wikis defended Disney saying "It's still a good company".[7]
  6. Hypocrisy: during 2019 and early/mid 2020, they had this bizarre rule where captions weren't allowed in infoboxes, despite the fact that other Reception Wikis allowed them. Thankfully, this wiki lifted said rule.
  7. One time, there was an infamous move war where the Angry Birds Movie kept being deleted and transferred between Greatest Movies Wiki and this wiki. [citation needed]

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Just like the Crappy Games Wiki, there are at least some decent pages that almost everybody can agree on such as
      • Cuties
      • Leaving Neverland
      • The Smurfs
      • Ice Age Collision Course
      • The Emoji Movie
      • The Banana Splits Movie
      • The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild
      • Super Mario Bros. (1993)
      • Norm of the North
  2. This wiki wasn't always that bad until the second half of 2020.
  3. The wiki debunked Leaving Neverland and gave evidence why, in which they technically contributed on saving Michael Jackson's legacy.[8]