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Bad Scratch Wiki
Crummy Scratchers Wiki! you look different.
Type: Reception Wiki
Hosting service: Miraheze
Founding date: June 2020
Founder(s): Wpetoi
Closing date: July 6, 2020[1]

Bad Scratch Wiki was a revival of the already controversial Crummy Scratchers Wiki. It was formed in June 2020 and was closed and deleted the following month.[2]

Why It Was Bad

NOTE: because this wiki was only made just to harass other users and is very controversial, don't put any other redeeming qualities to this page.

  1. First and foremost, this wiki was a reboot of the infamous Crummy Scratchers Wiki, even though the wiki doesn't need a reboot considering that the first wiki was already controversial for many reasons.
    • Not only that, the wiki also caused many users such as Pacsonic, CircleyDoesEnter and Rainbowkid35 to get blocked on Scratch.
  2. This wiki itself was only made just to harass others and cause problems and drama among many users, the very idea of ​​such a wiki is incredibly awful.
    • Many of the users who contributed to this wiki hated it because it extended their blocks.[3][4][5]
  3. Whenever someone suggested a forbidden page, a user often ended up creating that page.
  4. Wpetoi, the wiki's only admin, seemed to dismiss or ignore any criticism.[6]
  5. Despite being a hate wiki, this wiki labeled itself as satire, causing Void to close the wiki.
  6. Just like a certain other wiki, its pages were poorly written and extremely nitpicky. For example, the page about Griffpatch whined about him being the most popular Scratcher on the website. According to that logic, that would make any popular or universally loved thing or being automatically bad.
  7. Even other Reception Wikis hated this wiki, and for good reason.
  8. This wiki has unfortunately been recreated several times, once as "Stupid Scratchers Wiki" on Fandom (thankfully it was deleted within 2 weeks)[7] and recently, Awful Scratchers Wiki (which was fortunately later closed).[8]

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Although this quality is debatable, the wiki caused Miraheze to create their "No Hate Wikis" policy, leading to the closure of The Outcast Network entirely.[9]
    • This could also mean that the RfC created as a result from the Bad Scratch Wiki had potentially protected Miraheze from more hate wikis being made as well, effectively saving the wikifarm's reputation from being a "Hate website" as many have described the wikifarm as.[10]