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Baldi's Basics Fanon Wiki
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We haven't the basics in this fanon wiki
Type: Fanon Wiki
Hosting service: FANDOM
Founding date: June 10, 2018‎
Founder(s): Im somebody
Also/formerly known as: Baldi Fanon Wiki

Baldi's Basics Fanon Wiki is a fanon wiki on Fandom dedicated to fan-created ideas for the 2018 video game, Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.

Why It Failed Its Math Test Back Then

  1. Some articles on the wiki were low quality, which includes the grammar, formatting, and image quality.[1][2][3]
    • Some articles also went as far as to even steal ideas, information, and images from creations made by other users and from other franchises (as well as mods and other wikis) without crediting them.[4][5][6]
    • Some of the articles are also nothing more but just low-effort pages that are very short, nonsensical, or not related to Baldi's Basics in any way.[7][8][9] An example of this is the Sonic The Hedgehog page, which used to be low-quality from its creation on August 26, 2019‎, until March 23, 2020, when the quality was improved, but the page was no longer related to Baldi's Basics in any form of way; the page was thankfully fixed on August 16, 2020.[10]
  2. During the downfall of Baldi's Basics' popularity, the staff on the wiki became barely active, leading to several users breaking the rules repeatedly and causing vandalism and spam rampant on the wiki itself[11], with vandals like Every Server of Roblox is OoFsonalized and Clown Mario being on the site. Thankfully, they since had stopped vandalizing after getting blocked.[12][13] Because of this, users had to report them through SOAP or wait for a SOAP member to arrive.
  3. The wiki's discussions is an absolute mess, and they are still messy even after new ownership. Heck, even some of them aren't even related to the wiki or Baldi's Basics in any form of way![14][15][16]
  4. Speaking of discussions, several dramas/incidents happened on the wiki around 2020, which are the following:
    • The Colin drama, a drama that happened on early July 2020 revolving around a character named Colin Tyler that was created by Fightingmouse2, a user infamous for stealing images and having low quality articles on the wiki. The original appearance of the character was stolen from another user's character, Carter. The character's appearance was changed to that of a real-life image of the page's creator, which caused many people to be concerned about Fightingmouse2 and were trying to prevent his image from being exploited. However, Fightingmouse2 took them as hate speech and told people not to vandalize the Colin page[17], which shows that he took criticism the wrong way. During the drama, several users vandalized the Colin page, some spammed deletion templates, and 2 users, Saiki fan - full of rage and Pumpkinholic renamed the character's page to insults multiple amounts of times. After the drama ended, the character's page was redirected to several spam pages that ended with a nonexistent user who is glad about the Colin page getting deleted.[18][19]
    • The Killtime drama, the worst offender of them all, involves a user named MMorales153 who attempted to communicate with a character (that is obviously fake) named Killtime, a twisted corrupted version of Playtime that was created by ROBLOXNoob246, in attempt to make people think that the character is real. The replies on the post where MMorales153 attempted to communicate with Killtime is filled with his possible alternative accounts (which also includes the fake Killtime account), in which MMorales153 faked getting killed after failing a "game" by "Killtime" called "Don't Die". He was "revived" by one of his possible alt accounts, Quickbub123 some time after Quickbub123 "survived" and won the game.[20] During the drama, a majority of the discussions were related to Killtime,[21] and the Killtime page spreaded into chaos, where spam comments were made saying that the character is real and unnecessary edits were made to say the character is also real. The situation got so bad to the point the page was deleted following the drama.[22][23]
      • Prior to the drama's beginning, MMorales153 vandalized the Playtime page on Baldipedia (the Baldi's Basics Wiki) by saying that the character is real and is an "evil giant".[24] His edits were then been removed by Brasilian yes and was later called out by Meowstar12.[25]
      • A user asked someone to get the creator of Killtime, ROBLOXNoob246 to respond about the incident. However, a user named Spice0bro instead brought a fake scientist named Douglas Vonday, who claimed that he created Killtime in real life.[26]
    • The PghLFilms99 drama, in which an underage user named Ijanjatovic09 who was criticized for being immature and having terrible grammar, created an alt account named PghLFilms99 which impersonated the YouTuber PghLFilms, in which he vandalized and moved many articles and turn them to become userpages. His main account, his PghLFilms99 account and many of his other accounts were thankfully since been globally blocked on Fandom.[27][28]
    • The Lynn Loud drama, a drama that started on another wiki[29], spreaded to the Baldi's Basics Fanon Wiki where a user named Englandbull73 claimed that Lynn Loud from The Loud House was real after seeing 2 obvious fake Twitter and YouTube accounts of Lynn Loud from photos that were sent by Informoyt. The drama went to its boiling point when a user named BenjaminGeek claimed that they found Lynn Loud outside their house and replaced content on several pages with "Beware of Lynn Loud Vendalism".[30][31][32]
      • Even worse, BenjaminGeek went as far as to even replace content of pages on Baldipedia with the same text they used to vandalize pages on the fanon counterpart.[33]
  5. The wiki has unnecessary amounts of useless templates, which include duplicates of deletion templates.[34]
  6. The wiki also has unnecessary categories like "Pages that are going to the ranch", "Not from school", "Pages that are getting better", "BAD PAGE!!!!" and even more.[35]
  7. Due to the wiki's quality getting worse and worse, the majority of the wiki's community at that time (including the wiki's former staff) had to move to another wiki called Baldi's Fanon Wiki Plus, and the former staff forgot to close the wiki down, which caused the wiki to fall into anarchy as stated on bad quality no. 3 (until Paradox the Phoenix adopted the wiki in 2022), since there was no staff keeping an eye on the users, especially vandals.[36]

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The wiki was average before mid-late 2019, and is slowly recovering from the damage since early 2022 after Paradox the Phoenix adopted the wiki and became the owner of the wiki.
    • Speaking of which, the wiki has since approved in quality and is now average some months after Paradox's adoption of the wiki.
  2. Some users are talented in art, design and 3D modelling (including those who left).
  3. You can find a few decent users on the wiki.
  4. Though slow, the wiki is thankfully removing some low quality articles.[37][38]
    • Speaking of which, some low quality articles as well are also being improved.[39][40][41]


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