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Crummy Scratchers Wiki
Calling Scratchers "manchildren" and "white knights" really didn't age well.
Type: Reception Wiki
Hosting service: Miraheze
Founding date: May 11, 2019[1]
Founder(s): Pacsonic9000
Closing date: May 30, 2020[2]

The Crummy Scratchers Wiki (often abbreviated as CSW) was a reception wiki on Miraheze whose primary purpose was to criticize various Scratchers so that they would be better people; however, it did the exact opposite by spawning flame wars throughout the Scratch community (notably the Object and Alphabet communities). Due to the wiki's overall controversial nature and failure of supporting its main purpose, many (though not all) of the wiki’s contributors were blocked on Scratch on May 29, 2020, for gossiping,[3][4] which led to the wiki's closure.

Why The Wiki Was (Ironically) Crummy

  1. A main issue with the wiki was that most of the pages found on the wiki aren't really criticizing the users, but rather just simply describing the flaws of or nitpicking various Scratchers.
    • One of the most infamous examples of this issue is the page on Rainbowkid35, where none of his reasons are backed up with evidence.[5]
      • Additionally, the page labels him as a manchild when he was not old enough to be one (at the time of the page's creation, he was 15 years old).[6]
    • Another example of this glaring issue is the page on CRRE2003_on_Scratch, where much like the page on Rainbowkid35, it's just minor nitpicks instead of actual criticism. It also doesn't help that both users mentioned here have the reason, "They are a White Knight of RebeccaSpark", which is more of a nitpick instead of a genuine reason why they're on the wiki.[7]
  2. Another issue with the wiki is that clichés are extremely common on the wiki and most pages will contain either "they are a white knight of Rebecca Spark", "They ruin other people's projects", "They make terrible OCs", and/or "they are an SJW", which can get very repetitive at times and often, upsetting the users who discover their pages due to the false accusations they've received.[8][9][10]
    • It should also be noted that it's technically impossible to ruin someone's project as remixes are different from the source project; the only way for a project to be genuinely ruined is if the account behind it gets hacked and the hacker ruins it.
  3. Much like other Reception Wikis during mid-2020, the wiki was prone to overexaggerating.
    • The page on RebeccaSpark (also known as Naturecat1998) is by far the most infamous example on the wiki with the grand majority of her pointers having nothing to do with her activity on Scratch and instead are about Fandom, YouTube, and Common Sense Media. This makes her page unsuitable for the wiki and more fits more on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. Also worth noting is that some of the reasons have nothing to do with her and are instead about her supporters, nicknamed "white knights" on the page. It also doesn't help with the fact that her page has 56 reasons and only a few reasons in the entire article have to do with her Scratch account making her page feel more like a nitpicky hate page as opposed to actual criticism and a good number of reasons have poor grammar.[11]
      • Additionally, a few pointers tend to repeat the same reasons over and over again such as:
        • She makes sockpuppet accounts (reasons 3 and 13)
        • Her having poor habit on whining about certain things (reasons 1, 6, 14, 17, and 22)
        • Her allegedly despising all modern cartoons (reasons 7 and 26)
        • and rip-off claims (reasons 11, 13 (to an extent), 25, and 56)
    • Another noteworthy page known for being overexaggerated is the page on Newhungrymosquito; although it isn't as overly exaggerated as RebeccaSpark's page, it still looks extremely unpolished and feels more like a nitpicky hate page as opposed to actual criticism.[12]
      • A notable pointer about Newhungrymosquito's page is that they claimed that disabling comments means that they're against criticism. This isn't always the case, as some people disable their comments because of spammers. personal choice, or (in rare cases) combating stalkers and is automatic on users with the "New Scratchers" status which could discourage those with the status from joining the site.[13]
  4. The vast majority of pages on the wiki were unsourced; this is one of the major reasons why the wiki was considered gossip.[14][15][16]
  5. The concept of a wiki negatively criticizing Scratchers is overall a very poor idea even on paper as the grand majority of its userbase are either very young children or preteens.[17]
    • The final nail in the coffin for the Crummy Scratchers Wiki is that the Scratch Team states many times that harassment both online and offline still violates the Community Guidelines no matter what.[18][19]

Redeeming Qualities

  1. While most of the wiki is very flawed, there were a few okay-to-decent pages on the wiki prior to its closure, such as the page on Kaj.
  2. At least they tried to accept criticism and improve the site.


  • Coincidentally, this page was made two years after the wiki's contributors got banned off of Scratch.
  • In October 2020, a revival of this wiki was created on[20]


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