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Weirdcyclopedia was a wiki on ShoutWiki founded by an ex-ShoutWiki user named Salarvander on February 2020. It was a wiki where users could freely create just about any page they wanted and was dedicated to humor and satire. However, from December 11, 2022 to June 18, 2023, the wiki was collapsing due to a massive amount of edit wars, spam articles, vandalism, and no administration whatsoever thanks to the unannounced departure of Salarvander, Weirdcyclopedia's only administrator.


On December 11th 2022, a vandal many assumed was -abigblueworld-, who is infamous for vandalizing Qualitipedia and other reception wikis, started vandalizing Weirdcyclopedia, creating pages and sockpuppets that harassed two former Qualitipedia admins named SuperStreetKombat and DarkMatterMan4500.[1][2] Salarvander did next to nothing to stop this; he did return on New Year's Eve 2022 and New Year's Day 2023 to fix a few things the mysterious vandal did to ruin the wiki, but left again shortly afterwards.[3] SuperStreetKombat then requested to adopt Weirdcyclopedia in Salarvander's absence.

In January 2023, a user named Leerdoman74 started conflicts with SSK on the wiki, using IP addresses and his "FighterMortalHyper" sock account to edit war with and direct hostile edit summaries towards SSK,[4][5][6][7] which he was known for doing to other users on Qualitipedia. This resulted in him and SSK being blocked for 24 hours by a ShoutWiki staff member, due to their conflicts causing strain on ShoutWiki's servers, which were finishing up the 1.35 upgrade at the time.

In March 2023, more vandalism occured on the wiki, despite SSK attempting to report the vandal to staff.[8] Said vandal again returned on May 2nd, 2023 to vandalize the wiki;[9][10] Leerdoman also returned that day and continued edit warring with SSK.[11]

SSK set a goal of the end of May to save Weirdcyclopedia from its demise after asking users on Loathsome Characters Wiki to help him with the problems on the former wiki, and he's also stated that he wished that Salarvander would return and fix Weirdcyclopedia.[12]

Later on in May 2023, spambots had begun to attack Weirdcyclopedia by posting articles related to relationships. In response to this, SSK, who initially thought that the spambots were another troll, made a main page talk thread about the spam issue. A new user named March0307 had a conversation with SSK about the issue and suggested that he should avoid making any more provocative edit summaries towards vandals or other disruptive editors so that they'd be more likely to stop.[13]

On June 1st, 2023, SSK announced his permanent departure from Weirdcyclopedia due to the extreme stress he incurred during his time on the wiki, cancelling his plans to adopt the wiki[14] and asking staff to deny his adoption request and delete the wiki due to its current state.[15]


On June 17th, 2023, after months of vandalism, spam bots, no adminstration, and edit wars, the staff of ShoutWiki have finally closed Weirdcyclopedia, rendering SSK's attempts to save it a failure and the damage caused by the likes of Leerdoman74, vandals, and spam bots a success. [16]

Two months later, SuperStreetKombat created a request to recreate Weirdcyclopedia on Miraheze rather than ShoutWiki due to the latter's wiki creator tool being currently broken, and proposed to make the hypothetical reboot's quality control better than it was on ShoutWiki. The request was accepted by the Stewards, and the wiki so far has more staff members than its ShoutWiki counterpart did, and its color schemes and user tools have been redesigned instead of just being plain white. [17] [18]