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Fun Shitposting Wiki
Yuck!Who created this tiresome wiki?!
Type: Satirical wiki
Hosting service: Self-hosted
Founding date: since 2019
Founder(s): Unknown
Closing date: since 2021

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Fun Shitposting Wiki was a wiki aiming to be another Encyclopedia Dramatica. It was established in 2019 and closed in 2021.

Why It Intentionally Wasn't Funny

NOTE: This wiki was made for a joke only.

  1. Firstly, as mentioned above, this wiki was nothing more than a rip-off of Encyclopedia Dramatica, which itself is a red flag.
  2. The main page literally said "Fuck you" after the site was archived. Before that, its design was very bland.
  3. The community has proven to be irresponsible. An example is the page mocking reception wiki contributor Zenko in the same vein as Encyclopedia Dramatica, which Zenko vandalized because it contained her personal information. In other words, they doxxed her just for the sake of being "satirical". Despite being in the right doing that, Zenko was unfairly hated and added to Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki; in 2022, SuperStreetKombat said that there are rumors that Zenko committed suicide, but thankfully, they were debunked.[1]
  4. There were also a whole bunch of redundant templates that just cluttered up the content of the wiki and added literally nothing to the page; even worse is that these templates were on almost every page.
  5. The pages on this wiki were nothing but pure mockery of individuals, and at times may even go so far as to (possibly) doxxing, as Encyclopedia Dramatica does.[2]
  6. Like other satirical wikis, none of the pages presented a higher standard. Many pages were badly written, from the edges to the unfunny jokes.
  7. They actually worshipped someone who was a pedophile.