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Nimbus in action at Fish Hooks wiki

Nimbus is a free premium skin, released on ShoutWiki on July 4th, 2013. A version of Nimbus is the skin that Halopedia uses. You can preview Nimbus by clicking here.

Key Features


Nimbus features a Monaco-esque multi-level navigation menu, editable at [[MediaWiki:Nimbus-sidebar]]. There is also a "Did You Know?" section editable at [[Template:Didyouknow]].

Language support

Currently supports 55 languages. If your language is not yet supported, or not fully translated, and you'd like to translate it yourself contact troppusmoc.ikiwtuohs


Nimbus' footer, as seen on Fish Hooks wiki

A footer under the article content encourages users to edit. Wikis with social tools will also see a gallery features the avatars of recent contributors.

Enabling Nimbus

For an individual user

To view a wiki with Nimbus, go to [[Special:Preferences]] and click on the Appearances tab, where you'll see it under the list of skins.

For a wiki

To make it your wiki's default skin, email troppusmoc.ikiwtuohs saying:

Make Nimbus the default skin on

where wikiname is your wiki. If you also want social tools enabled, please add that to the message.