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Pywikipediabot is a bot function ran using the command prompt. It is a semi-automated editing tool used on wikis.


  1. Download Python v2.x from the official Python site.
  2. Download a nightly build of the Pywikipediabot software. Then decompress the downloaded file.
  3. Create a shortcut to the folder using the instructions found on

Connecting to wiki

  1. Open up command prompt and get to your pywikipediabot file from there.
  2. Enter in
  3. Type out the URL of the wiki (e.g.
  4. Type out a short name for the family file (e.g.simpsons).
  5. Wait for it to generate the file.

Connecting to account

  1. Open up your pywikipediabot file.
  2. Open the file with notepad (by right-clicking and going to open with).
  3. Enter in the following data:
mylang = 'en'
usernames['Family Name']['en'] = u'Account Name'
family = 'Family Name'

Replace Family Name with the name of the Family (see above instructions) and Account Name with the name of your bot account.

4. Save the file as (make sure you type .py at the end).


To edit, you must use a specific function. See Pywikipediabot/Basic use and Pywikipediabot/Scripts on

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