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The Universe Of The Universe Wiki
Into the black hole!!!!
Type: Informative and Fanon?
Hosting service: Fandom
Founding date: January 6, 2018[1]
Founder(s): Animator Of Awesomness[1]

The Universe of the Universe Wiki is a wiki that is based off the 2015 Tapas series called "Galactic Comics",[2] it also allows people to write about their own planets. It was founded on January 6, 2018, by Animator Of Awesomness. (born August 18, 2004. who is the exact same creator of GC, infamously known as Vince Doyen)[1]

Why It Should Be Supernova Exploded

  1. Some of the wiki's rules are questionable, in addition to its rules page being full of grammatical errors.[3]
    • For example, creating a page under 500 bytes is a bannable offense when it shouldn't be.
    • Having a "dumb" username is also not allowed, which makes no sense; as long as a username is not offensive, it should be allowed.
  2. NeptuneDrawzz did a horrible job at administrating the wiki. Thankfully, he quit in May 2022.[4]
    • He blocked a user because they had #StandWithRussia in their bio,[5] which is opinion disrespecting. Sure, the Russian army has done terrible things to Ukrainian civilians during the war, but users shouldn't be forced into supporting Ukraine; they should be able to pick sides.
    • Right before he left the wiki, he even started vandalizing it, which breaks the wiki's rules and is unacceptable for an administrator to do.[6][7][8]
    • He blocked Jool the planet for no reason and biased reasoning at all, he wasn't even a bad admin and did things that are right, In fact. he even standed up for RCP-711 and GP-72022a.
    • He even bullied 2 users and began a fight with them! That's horrible for an administrator to do
    • He even said inappropriate swearwords uncensored despite it being against the wiki's rules.
  3. As of right now, there are 0 active admins on the wiki; although this isn't an issue due to vandalism being rare on the wiki now, This means there is no way to stop vandals, even SOAP cannot help.[9]
    • The admins are neither inactive or blocked, such as Jool the planet.
    • There are several spammy posts on the wiki that haven't been deleted due to the lack of admins.[10][11]
  4. Despite the wiki being about Galactic Comics, some pages are from a different show (such as Merge Systems or Object Cosmos) or have nothing to do with Galactic Comics whatsoever.
  5. Some of the characters featured on the wiki are either poorly-drawn or copied from other people's planets.
  6. Double Standard: Despite the admins blocking more toxic members, they are already toxic themselves, making them hypocritical.
  7. Many pages have little to no development whatsoever and are often missing important details,[12] despite short pages being against the wiki's rules.
  8. Despite some characters looking male in the drawing of their own infobox, they're actually female.
  9. The community is extremely toxic that means there will be no way to stop the bad people in the community.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some pages are still informative.
  2. Some characters are drawn very well for the comic's standards.[13][14]
  3. A few of the admins seem to be decent.
  4. Some of the comments can be unintentionally funny to read.[15]
  5. Despite the black holes characters sounding like it's poorly drawn, they're actually neither neutral or good for space shows and comics, and they can be unintentionally funny to look at for some people. [16]