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Undertale Wiki
Type: Informative Wiki
Hosting service: FANDOM
Founding date: September 23, 2013

Undertale Wiki is a Fandom wiki assuming the role of being an informational guide to the indie game Undertale.

Why It's Having A Bad Time

  1. The community is very divisive and argumentive.
  2. A lot of newer edits will get reverted by staff, which loosely nullifies the purpose for a wiki.
  3. There are only four admins in total and only half are active.[1]
  4. The wiki claims to only have factual and not opinionated information, but the Gyftrot page and other articles don't have citations or clear evidence to support what is written.[2]
  5. KockaAdmiralac, the only active administrator, is also known for having disrespect for regular users and reverting their edits for very small reasons,[3] most notably on Deltarune Wiki.
    • It can understandable though, since some information the users add are not outright confirmed.
  6. While the wiki has a splendidly designed appearance, it was and can be glitchy at times and may be unappealing to some fans.
  7. The administrators block users for reasons such as disagreements and "role-playing". Role-playing is a loose term and probably shouldn't be cut from activity on the wiki.[4]
    • It doesn't help that all first blocks are two weeks long, which can be seen as unfair.
  8. Staff Unprofessionalism: administration will use slang or swears to describe unruly actions.[5]
  9. Being a wiki on Fandom, it not only has the UCP software, which is not necessarily bad, but it also has confusing category navigation and dense pages about organization/style that aren't simplified or have an easier-to-read version.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The information on the wiki can be readable and informative. It does have accurate enough information that some fans will be appeased.
  2. The appearance and skin of the wiki is designed splendidly.
  3. Some users are blocked reasonably for breaking the rules.[6]