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sandbox and stuff

an intentionally bad subpage that is obviously meant to be a joke

normal pills

basic info about me

  • gender: male
  • nationality: indonesian
  • languages speaking: english (non native, mostly american english), indonesian (not fluent), chinese (a little)

and yes, i hate reception wikis except for a few of them, in which the very few of them i like includes this wiki ((the tiresome wikis wiki) which i technically have mixed opinions about) and i hate the majority of their community, because of them being toxic (although i edited on most of these wikis for the main purpose of adding custom headers and to make the bad qualities/good qualities less hateful and a bit more reasonable), and entering qualitipedia was one of my biggest regrets of my time on the internet

and yes go ahead criticize me if you like, but please don't vandalize my userpage or any other page

some pointless questions

  • Do you hate SJWs?
    • yes i do, but anti-SJWs are just as terrible as them considering that they are basically just their reverse version, and before anyone calls me out, i am a moderate left-winger