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Real Life Villains Wiki
This wiki might look good on the outside... but it's evil inside.
Type: Encyclopedia
Hosting service: FANDOM (Previously)


Founding date: June 8, 2018 (Fandom)
September 2018 (Miraheze)
Founder(s): AmethistKnight
Closing date: September 2018 (Fandom)
Janaury 2023 (Miraheze)
Also/formerly known as: RLV Wiki

The Real Life Villains Wiki was a wiki dedicated to crimes and criminals in the real-life world, such as corrupt officials, terrorists, serial killers, mob bosses and dictators. It was originally founded on Fandom sometime around 2019, before moving to Miraheze after late June 2020 due to the wiki violating Fandom's terms of service. On January 2023, the wiki was closed on Miraheze due to violations of the content policy. Its sister wiki, the Real Life Heroes Wiki, is still active and mainly focuses on people who fought against authoritarianism, the Axis, and several other evil deeds, and fought for democracy, human rights, poverty elimination and other good deeds. The wikis however were met with criticism for different reasons thanks to their biased moderation and point-of-view.

Bad Qualities


  1. Prehaps the biggest problem with these wikis is that these wikis are both written from a right-wing imperialist bias view instead of a centrist point of view, which ultimately led to the wiki's rise in controversy.
    • For example, Chiang Kai-shek, Sukarno (despite Sukarno helped his country Indonesia gain its independence) and Josep Broz Tito all have pages on the wiki, but only Chiang Kai-shek is qualified to have a page on the Real-Life Heroes Wiki. Thankfully, Shek's page was deleted on September 18, 2023 after agreement with the wiki's admins on Discord.

Real Life Villains Wiki

  1. The wiki's title, Real-Life Villains Wiki, doesn't seem to make any sense at all, considering that people aren't born evil, and villains are evil-doers in fictional media.
    • Speaking of which, George Washington, although was a hero himself, is disqualified to have a page on the Real Life Villains Wiki despite once owning slaves in his lifetime.
  2. Some articles on the wiki were pretty nitpicky, and contained biased information.
    • For example, Suharto's page used to have the "Redeemed" category in his page prior to the wiki's closure, despite barely regretted after having committed tons of worse crimes than Sukarno himself.[1]
  3. Some of categories are filler and nonsensical, such as "anti-catholics", despite they were also christian (which also should be merged to xenophobes).
    • Crimes in infobox are also suffered same thing, which when person who hated specific nations, instead of leave with "Xenophobes", they going to slap off with each nations.
  4. Some articles on the wiki had uncensored gore and other inappropriate images, which violated Miraheze's policies.
  5. Some time after the wiki was shut down on Miraheze, a recreation of the wiki, named History Villains Wiki, was created sometime later. Thankfully, it got shut down on August 2023.[2]

Real Life Heroes Wiki

  1. One of the bureaucrats of the wiki, TheAlitaFan, is a supporter of absolute monarchism, which is anti-democratic, considering that the wiki supports democracy.
    • Speaking of which, he also committed censorship as stated the admin Discord server.[3]
  2. For some odd reasons, Thomas Sankara and Gamal Abdel Nasser are also allowed on the Real-Life Heroes Wiki, despite being left-wing just like Sukarno and Tito, which makes the disallowed pages look more confusing.[4][5]

Good Qualities

Real Life Villains Wiki

  1. There were plenty amount of pages that actually deserve to be on the wiki, such as:
    • Adolf Hitler
    • Hirohito
    • Benito Mussolini
    • Joseph Stalin
    • Pol Pot
    • Kim Jong-un
    • Mao Zedong
    • Unit 731
    • Hideki Tojo
    • Josef mMngele
    • Galeazzo Ciano
    • Muammar Gaddaf
    • Saddam Hussein
    • World War II
    • Scramble for Africa
  2. The logo is kinda nice

Real Life Heroes Wiki

  1. There are also plenty amount of pages about actual heroes.
    • MrBeast (despite being deleted)
    • Michael Jackson (despite also being deleted)
    • Simón Bolívar
    • George Washington (despite owning slaves in his lifetime)
    • Mahatma Ghandi
    • Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Charles de Gaulle
    • Winston Churchill
  2. Though there is still a major amount of right-wing bias, the wiki itself is thankfully becoming less biased and is leaning more from a centrist point-of-view.

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