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User reception wikis (comprising of The Outcast Network, The Fandoms & Hatedoms Database, and The Scratch Reception Wikis) are reception wikis that generally focus on internet users. Most of these wikis were a part of a wiki network named The Outcast Network, which closed in September 2020 due to severe violations of Miraheze's Content Policy. These wikis are infamous for causing drama and were a major contributor to Miraheze's reputation declining.

List of Wikis

Wikis marked in bold were a part of The Outcast Network.

  1. Atrocious YouTubers Wiki
  2. Amazing Youtubers Wiki
  3. Horrible Vyonders Wiki
  4. Marvelous Vyonders Wiki
  5. Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki
  6. Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki
  7. Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki
  8. Healty Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki
  9. Crummy Scratchers Wiki
  10. Astonishing Scratchers Wiki
  11. Atrocious Deviants Wiki
  12. Talented Deviants Wiki
  13. Bad Scratch Wiki
  14. Garbage Memes Wiki

Why Most of Them Were Tiresome

  1. Above all, these wikis, along with the the media reception wikis that would later be known as Qualitipedia, significantly damaged Miraheze's reputation, as stated above. It got so bad that at one point, Miraheze added a question in their FAQ explaining that they're not toxic.[1]
    • Speaking about the toxicity of the community, the users were edit-warring with themselves very often to this point, any other wiki on the Miraheze like Polandball wiki, Real life villains wiki or cunt wars wiki hadn't that toxic community.
  2. Most of their pages were very poorly-written and/or unprofessional, some of them didn't even have basic things such as a sentence explaining who the user is.[2]
    • Some of the pages were also very short, containing three pointers or less.
  3. They often criticized users based on their reputation instead of their actions. This is the main reason why these wikis are/were despised.
    • Speaking of which, this behavior obviously also violated Miraheze's Content Policy on harassment.
  4. They were so biased that they made the media reception wikis/Qualitipedia look like reliable sources. To make it worse, pages often had little to no sources which led to the allegations the wikis had regarding rumor-spreading.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]
    • A glaring example of this is Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki; the whole wiki was an unsourced mess with lots of biased, rant-like pages that attacked users instead of properly criticizing them with some people even going as far as to consider it to be an "Encyclopedia Dramatica Lite".[16]
    • Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki was very egotistic, especially since users could make pages about themselves.[17][18]
    • A lot of pages also had little to no redeeming/bad qualities, which didn't help.
    • Much like Qualitipedia, several of these wikis had an Anti-SJW, Anti gamer gate, right-wing bias.
  5. Their staff was incredibly corrupt and couldn't take any criticism and some of the admins even had double standards, they could also false ban a innocent user who did nothing wrong, and sometimes the admins had disagreements with themselves. Because of that, the vandalism or spam wasn't removed for a long time.[19]
    • Amazing YouTubers Wiki's former administration was infamous for being awful; it got so bad that most of the administration was demoted by a Steward and new admins had to be elected.
    • On Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki, one of the admins was demoted simply because they didn't want to support a disruptive user.
  6. Some of the wikis had a lot of unnecessary categories that messed up the pages and the wikis overall.[20]
    • TF&HW was the biggest offender; most of its categories were absolutely hilarious and nonsensical.[21][22]
  7. Some of these wikis even received imitations/successors that were even worse.
    • Bad Scratch Wiki was a ripoff of Crummy Scratchers Wiki; it only lasted around one month and the drama it caused actually led to Miraheze adopting its "no hate wikis" policy.
    • Garbage Memes Wiki was a cheap ripoff of Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki.
  8. These wikis treated themselves seriously, which was a main cause of one of the biggest dramas in reception wiki history.
  9. Several pages on these wikis were infamous for the issues outlined above:
    • Horrible Vyonders Wiki:
      • AA_ElSexyBlocky5677SiRJJakobsNo69
    • Atrocious Deviants Wiki:
      • Zenko Controversy (despite not being related to DeviantArt)[23]
    • Crummy Scratchers Wiki:
      • RebeccaSpark (also known as Naturecat1998)[24]
      • Newhungrymosquito[25]
    • Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki:
    • Unvaforable Wikis and Users Wiki:
      • Just Leon
    • Atrocious YouTubers Wiki:
  10. Some of the reasons were also incredibly abused in these wikis. Because of that, they became very repetitive and even worse, they were on almost all pages.[28][29][30]
  11. The comment sections were the biggest offenders because the users could harass the user on the page.
    • These comments weren't also (mostly) removed and the users weren't also banned, so this method of harassment was very popular.
  12. These wikis seemed to be anti-free speech considering they were criticizing the users because of their opinions.
    • TFaHW was again the biggest offender due to being for example anti-meme.
  13. Hipocrisy: They say they're against harassing, but although that they're harassing users on pages. (read the rules)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although a grand majority of wikis were bad, there were a few well-received user-based Reception Wikis such as Amazing YouTubers Wiki to name one.
    • It was also the reason why the mentioned above wiki and also Astonishing Scratchers Wiki survived the closure of user reception wiki, because they weren't harassing anyone and were pretty decent.
  2. While most of pages on these wikis were awful, some were pretty decent and almost everyone would agree with them; some examples are the PKMNLivesNew page on Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki or Kaj on Crummy Scratchers Wiki.[34]
  3. Most of these wikis were thankfully closed in September 2020 because of the rampant violations of Miraheze's then-recent policy forbidding hate wikis.
  4. The 2023 wiki revival titled "New Qualitipedia" is an improvement and far better than the previous ones.



Much like Qualitipedia (2019-present), The Outcast Network was met with an overwhelming negative reception with many criticizing the wiki for labeling bullying as criticism as well as similar reasons to Qualitipedia's poor reception.[36] Some have also labeled both it and its sister service as the entirety of Miraheze despite other wikis being on the wikifarm (i.e., Weirdcyclopedia, Funvasion, The Pizza Tower Wiki, etc)[37][38]


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