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About this sandbox

TBH, I don't think there should be a seperate page about New Qualitipedia because it was already agreed upon months ago that there shouldn't be such a page and any sandbox containing it should be deleted. Not to mention that, not unlike BU's attempts at making a NQP page, this sandbox is full of slander and misinformation because all it does is bad mouth the current admins of NQP and it also victimizes the users who caused trouble there in the first place.

It also says that Brazillian User was unfairly demoted just because of a joke page when in reality, the real reason for his demotion was because he unfairly blocked Raidarr simply because the latter was giving constructive criticism and BU just resorted to trolling and vandalism after getting demoted, which resulting in him not only being indefinitely blocked, but also globally locked from Telepedia.

About CJWorld, the reason why he was listening to the old QP members was because he probably wanted to seek advice from someone to improve NQP and he might've thought that those guys were the best option since they've had experience at administration before. Speaking of administration, CJWorld put Szczypak on NQP's blacklist because the latter had a questionable history at administrating wikis such as blocking users he personally disliked as well as hiding topics and revisions that criticized him. Finally, CJWorld wanted to block ChessGuy66 because of how disruptive he was thanks to annoyingly begging to be promoted to admin, losing his temper over trivial nonsense, as well as constantly edit warring. Sure, CJWorld did do at least a few questionable choices such as the no copy pasting rule or adding himself to Amazing YouTubers Wiki, but he at least acknowledged those mistakes and learned from them.

I'd also like to note that this sandbox says stuff about me and I wanna clarify a few things: what "various reasons" do I block users for? That part is extremely vague. Also, about those 2 other things that are "rather trivial", I wanted the phrase "depending on your view" to go away because it no longer had any meaning and it was seriously overused on almost every single so other users agreed that the phrase was starting to become redundant. And about non-standard headings in lower sections, I wanted to change the custom heading rule because users were seriously starting to abuse them by adding them to decent/average pages as well as Bad/Redeeming Qualities sections in normal pages, with most Transformers pages being the worst offender due to "Decepticon Qualities" and "Autobot Qualities" headings because the old QP would regulate custom headers and I thought doing so on NQP would be appropriate, because it worked so well on the old QP, but the users of this wiki boycotted the idea, so I sorta backpedalled. This sandbox before it was deleted also previously said that I poorly treat the users on this wiki when in reality, I've been very warm and welcoming to most of the users there and I've been very helpful to them. Sure, there are some stubborn ones like MisterSandManAU (and the other admins always take his side for whatever reason), but my statement still stands.

And one more thing, this sandbox says that Tali is a "bad admin" simply because he can't take any criticism, even though he's been very open to it and is willing to listen to feedback when necessary. Plus, he's been a very resourceful admin on not just NQP but various other wikis he's an admin on. Plus, Tali himself is an admin on Tiresome Wikis Wiki and it would be very contradicting if he allowed himself to be on this page's "bad user" list if it ever gets published.

Speaking of "bad user" lists, this sandbox has that kind of list, which is problematic considering how much drama they've caused in the past due to edit warring, users removing themselves, and a lot of them were poorly detailed. "Good user" lists aren't much better. I mean, remember how much trouble they caused on Weirdcyclopedia's QP page or this wiki's QP page? And it's mostly thanks to Szczypak, Zangler, and Leerdoman74 that these lists are so controversial.

So all in all, I don't think there should be a seperate page about New Qualitipedia because of the things I've just stated and I think its issues should simply be part of the Qualitipedia page. I mean, sure NQP isn't all that great, but it's still somewhat an improvement over its Miraheze counterpart, and, like I said, we already agreed months ago that this wiki doesn't even need a seperate page about New Qualitipedia and yet history is repeating itself. Please voice your opinions on this matter whenever you can. SuperStreetKombat (talk) 11:40, 29 April 2024 (UTC)

Hello? Is anyone here? SuperStreetKombat (talk) 3:52, 29 April 2024 (UTC)

It's only been a few hours; no one has noticed or had the time to construct a proper response. Most people don't monitor this wiki 24/7. Tali64^2 (talk) 00:11, 30 April 2024 (UTC)
Well, I'm sorry, but this conversation is really important, and I still question the existence of this sandbox because because of everything I've just mentioned about it. SuperStreetKombat (talk) 5:14, 29 April 2024 (UTC)

Honestly, I agree with this. New Qualitipedia is already on the Qualitipedia page, thus rendering it redundant. Mind saying that, you could counterargue that the same could be applied with the other reception wikis (i.e., Awful Movies Wiki, Crummy Scratchers Wiki, Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki, etc). --BrownieTheAlien (talk) 00:51, 30 April 2024 (UTC)

And it also looks like it was written just to spite New Qualitipedia because it's being worked on by one of the 4 users who want revenge on the wiki just because they were "unfairly" banned or demoted when in all actuality they were the ones who caused trouble there in the first place. SuperStreetKombat (talk) 9:51, 29 April 2024 (UTC)
Well, I'm going to release that here: "

It's me, Szczypak, one of the former members of New Qualitipedia and this whole community in general, treating me like garbage just because of my dislike for the old community is one more thing, but treating other users like worthless garbage was something that crossed the line after whole.

I remember before mid-November 2023 this wiki was doing well, had a really good community and was a place where me and many others could chill out, up to a point, let me start by saying that you guys literally have an incredibly strong obsession with the old community until to such an extent that you even put them above this new community, including replacing liked and well-known admins with those whom few people have even heard of, and this was your biggest cardinal mistake you could have ever made.

It's not that you, the new admins, are an improvement over the old ones, oh no, you are just a poor version of the ones you replaced, let me start by saying that Robin himself was incredibly active before his demotion, and so is Brazilian User despite the fact that this he was only on staff for two days, so he didn't have much time to show off due to your pathetic demand to demote him despite the fact that he didn't have time to do anything wrong, and on top of that, Robin himself knew how to treat users way better than you, you, on the other hand, are literally barely active ones, only a few edits in one day or even none at all, and you are also more strict towards regular users.

First, it all started with the 14th rule, which was introduced in March, the idea itself was partly cool, but the execution was an absolute drama, this rule, although removed, was excessively strict to the point that it banned literally all pages from the original wiki without due to their quality, many great and decent pages from deleted wikis were lost, not to mention the fact that you couldn't transfer your own page, but that was only the beginning of the problems.

You also treated the users themselves quite questionably, including the four of us, for example by ignoring what we had to say no matter how important it was and even humiliating users just because of their own opinions, for example you CJ only blacklisted me because I felt contempt for the old community and that was basically the only reason you did it and you even deleted one of my joke blogs for practically no reason saying that it was "narcissistic" and the only reason you did it was our disagreement with TWW when you and SSK you kept removing my pointers from wiki pages despite the fact that they didn't bother you in any way, you also blocked several users like Maddox, Latiro and CheeseGuy for very ridiculous reasons like copying pages from old wikis or creating unfinished pages without any warning let alone about the fact that you didn't even move them to sandboxes, you just deleted them, the real straw came in the second half of 2023 when you decided to ban ChessGuy for rather ridiculous reasons (though luckily you only blocked him for a week), demoting Robin like that out of nowhere even though he didn't do anything wrong and of course the whole scandal related to BU which was completely unnecessary because you Raidarr wanted to demote him for no reason.

Finally, after some time, we decided that we were fed up with being treated like worthless crap, so we finally decided to create our own version of the New Qualitipedia, but a much better one that would perhaps be a wiki for many users, and finally the day came when two of my (and in fact many) favorite admins were unfairly demoted, I and these admins and many users retired because of all these dramas and all this mess and unnecessary things that were introduced, it got so bad that not only us four , but also other users like Batboy, MarioBobFan, Pacman64fanj, CheeseGuy and RandomDX agreed with the fact that the current wiki is not the same as before the demotion and even other users like Blackstar, Roger and Brazer criticized this whole mess and what, you made this the wiki has become much less active, I wonder if you have noticed.

I can't believe that you managed to turn this wiki into one big joke thanks to this 14th rule, circuses of users, this damned blacklist and deleting blogs like mine without my permission, which I especially hate, and demoting great admins and replacing them with these which are on the verge of unplayability, and I am amused by the fact that you demoted Blastoise for his alleged inactivity when both you, CJ, and most of the other admins are on the verge of inactivity, which is, in my opinion, total hypocrisy.

Anyway, you have totally defiled me, leaves, despite the fact that until my retirement I did not break a single rule, I made a lot of very good edits and also created many categories and pages that are of very good quality and I even maintained good contact with most of the administration and even today I maintain good relations with some of the current staff members of this wiki, such as Pacman and Batboy, not to mention the fact that I was one of the original users because I was on this wiki basically from the very beginning of its existence and I never became an admin, while Raidarr was almost never active there and SSK didn't even have an account and they became admins out of nowhere, and the worst thing is that not only me but also many others but we don't care anymore because we already have our own wiki, I won't link to it, even though we had it first on Miraheze but you deleted it even though it didn't bother you in any way and it was private so few people had access to it, only trusted people, good luck in deleting our current wiki, let me tell you, at the beginning we never intended to harm you at all, then everything you did to us should never have happened, and all this just because we had a different opinion from you, I am also surprised that you did not ban the other complainers who were mentioned by me in the above sentences of this message, only the four of us, despite the fact that they have a similar opinion to ours, even 6 months was too much, we could have waited until the beginning of February or March but we don't care anymore, blocking our main accounts was also pointless because none of us intended to do anything like that with them use, but you can still ban us for all eternity, I will say this, I just wish you luck in dragging on the train wreck that this wiki has undoubtedly become in mid-November, although it won't last long anyway.

The wiki got way WAY worse ever since 2024 because of the amount of non-stop drama becoming bigger and none of you admins bother to solve it, all of you should be ashamed for this, if Robin was still the admin he would have already fixed all of these problems. But no, you had to first demote him and ban him along with Brazilian User for literally no reason.

You can ban me from this server, ban me literally everywhere and say whatever you want about me on this blacklist or on the Tiresome Wikis Wiki because I don't care about that anymore, this was most likely the last message I wrote to you, that's all I had to say.

" - Szczypak64

Then I have something for people like you if robin was still admin he would have abused it even more his reason for becoming one in the past is because he had the most edits when the requirements changed to more quality over quantity some users threw an entire fit over it. Not to mention you say BU got demoted for no reason when in really he blocked Raidarr who was the OG qualitipedia leader along with another one while also being apart of Miraheze stewardship and you think he bans people for no reason when if that was the case why was he apart of being in high positions of power by many users. To add even more stuff on to that Original Authority who is a very high ranking member on telepedia got on BU for abusing his blocking powers and even revoke his admin status and you say its unfair yet you keep forgetting that if OA has a problem with the way your handling stuff on telepedia then you shouldn't have admin at all. Plus Raidarr was nice enough to block BU for 1 day and gave him a warning for a 3 month block if he broke it and since he did OA blocked him for 3 months and locked him for spamming many times despite being given many chances to be on new qualitypedia. Also Szczy you may have issues but being an og User doesn't mean you can be admin also admin requirements aren't a joke BU started his demise for unjustly blocking raidarr plus he was begging for unblock which only proofs why he should no be allowed back plus you say he derverses something raidarr stats this on BU talk page "Block is now permanent until an admin in the future decides there's been enough change in conduct with off-QP evidence. This is besides the global Telepedia account lock at OA's discretion.

Since Szczypak and Robin are also viewing this page and have been belligerent after not getting their way, they are informed here that there will not be warning before a lengthy block if they join BU in vandalism, spam, disruptive editing/doomsaying in public areas or if they make another user uncomfortable with their attempts to denigrate this wiki and pressure them to move somewhere else. This doesn't extend to talking to each other to make a wiki of their own or asking users once if they'd like to join it. But my patience on this is expended. Leave and/or deal with it, the choice is yours and I don't care which it is but I'm happy to help you get there either way. This talk page is now closed." which is after BU spamming and Raidarr was just doing his simple job and yet you think he is some bad admin because I noticed your final message Szczy is very one sided on this matter but here is a common saying if your not here to help and just complain about the admins who had a reason to block you and sound like you still haven't learned why robin and BU were demoted in the first place then you shouldn't be apart of this wiki and the family's related to it at all. Filename2 (talk) 16:44, 1 May 2024 (UTC)

Well in your opinion the New Qualitipedia has become a dictatorship.I've never been there " -UVA When I Joined in this wiki the wiki is decayed just for my fault it's not a big mistero that the mighty Ciaramella Is doing a lot of discussion based on his personal opinions" -UVA

Well @UVA: just join to us! if you make a discord or go back to your old discord, I'll invite you to our community, these wikis don't have too long future considering this wiki for example became a place for dramas, firstly bad and good users list, now NQP section (also, if I invite UVA to our community, I'll block my account here for good) - Szczypak64

The key word is that it "used" to be an improvement, now ever since my demotion its all bullshit edit wars, out of place drama for no reason not to mention the amount of activity decreasing more and more. Improvement my ass. Robin1020th (talk) 21:43, 30 April 2024 (UTC)

Hold the fuck up, i never actually abused my admin rights, in fact i actually care about what the users want along with their criticism, i actually did a good job as an admin. Robin1020th (talk) 20:50, 1 May 2024 (UTC)

You may think you did a good job as admin but false promoting, not following the admin rules, complaining about losing admin are all reasons for not getting it back plus why couldn't you take any of the experienced admins criticism then your group had good intention that was ruined when they started to be a vandal. Yes sometimes higher ups may be bad but if you had a job you wanted to keep you have to listen to them or you get fired. So do the other admins they cared about users but were busy doing their jobs radiarr doesn't just work on the NQ he has other stuff he works on with Miraheze plus he has more admin experience then you so he knows how it works as being admin isn't simply doing user request and listing to criticisms. Plus BU should have had better reasoning to have his admin status he just had his user page filled with intended admin abuse context which is how to not have an admin. Plus radiarr was being nice to you about it the reason SSK became admin on NQ is because he has experience with it on other wikis. BU blanking radiarr talk page was a horrible idea there is no reason to blank a talk page unless its vandalism which radiarr was nowhere close to. Plus robin radiarr was very kind to you and tried to give you some roles before but you at the time didn't know how to answer the question but radiarr still had something for you despite it being small but after all that it just went downhill from here with unneeded drama here is a common saying take it or leave it meaning you either deal with the fact you don't have admin anymore and still be in good faith or you just go somewhere else before trying to cause drama all this was simple to avoid its just that your friend group took it way to far and turned into vandals for this wiki which is the last thing good faith users want to be. Filename2 (talk) 15:24, 2 May 2024 (UTC)

I know Szczypak is gone now, but I wanna say this to him: NQP may be doing decently well nowadays, at least better than the old QP did, but before I joined, I lurked NQP and I saw a good amount of issues that needed to be addressed such as creating sandboxes of upcoming pages, overuse of phrases, misusing Mature templates, and the rule regarding copying and pasting pages. I know most of those issues are resolved now, but the problem still stands.

Also, about us "mistreating users", why do you keep making these accusations? Like I said, I've been very welcoming and helpful to most of the users on the wiki and a lot of them still rely on me and other staff members to resolve issues at hand. Also, the reason why Robin was demoted because he wasn't taking enough responsibility in his administration as he would always throw temper tantrums rather than staying cool and keeping things more professional. I keep telling you all that the only reason why Brazilian User was demoted was because he unfairly blocked Raidarr simply because the latter gave constructive criticism of the former's administration, which resulted in BU getting demoted and resulting to vandalism and sockpuppetry because of it and you and Robin joined him in those actions. The fact that you don't acknowledge the reason for BU's demotion and block shows that you guys can't see the flaws of his poor administration and the reasoning behind his ban despite how painfully obvious it is. In fact, I can give you proof of what happened between BU and Raidarr if you'd like.

Regarding you getting blacklisted, Szczypak, the reason why you're on NQP's blacklist is because you did many questionable choices when you were a staff member on other wikis like on Crappy Games Wiki where you blocked users you personally disliked and hid revisions of topics that were critical of you, and I don't think I need to remind you of what you did to TigerBlazer on Money's version of TNRW. It's also funny how you say I expanded the moderation of CGW out of desperation when you yourself asked to be a mod there in the first place and I gave you and other users that role as well and you even complained about getting demoted there because of your actions. And on top of that, you always treat yourself like you're one of the biggest parts of QP by constantly adding yourself to the QP page's pointers saying how important you were despite how obscure you are and made little to no impact on the old QP whatsoever, and you even refused to allow pointers that called you out for your wrongdoings which proves how incapable of handling criticism you are and you won't own up to your mistakes. Sure you didn't break any rule on NQP until your permanent ban there, but that still doesn't excuse everything you and your 3 other friends there did during your final days there.

You also find the fact that admins aren't always active on NQP, well guess what: it's not uncommon for admins to be inactive during a few days or a week on wikis whether it's because they're busy other things on the internet or outside of it. Heck, Tali isn't always active on this wiki and he's currently its only admin. Also, as for new admins getting promoted on NQP despite "no contributions whatsoever", the reason why Raidarr was quickly promoted was because of his experience on Miraheze and his validation of BU's abuse of power and I became an admin as well because of MY experience on Miraheze as well and I'm also a current admin on a few wikis as well.

And finally, you accuse us admins of only relying on the old QP's community over the new one which is objectively false because we're still trying to help out the current users who are still on NQP with issues at hand, and only CJ is taking advice from the old community because he's looking for ways to improve NQP and, like I said before, they also had experience with the Miraheze version of Miraheze, and CJ thought those guys were the best possible sollution.

I know you, Robin, ChessGuy, and BU won't listen to me and take what I and others said about your mistakes into consideration but I'm expressing my thoughts anyway and I still hope that at least some of you guys can still be reasoned with. Take care if yourselves and see to it that you all improve yourselves in the future. SuperStreetKombat (talk) 5:33, 3 May 2024 (UTC)

@SuperStreetKombat: I agree with you on this as I can easily see the holes in robin and his friends stories because I researched it by checking the NQ history and none of what they say even comes close to their point plus they did an entire attack on the admins on the Qualitypedia page of CJ on this wiki which not only is disrespectful but its also a reason to be kicked out of this wiki I have seen many users come and go on their vandals stuff they say they were good faith the whole time when looking at their history says otherwise Plus the fact they think drama is the best way to go when they could have easily fixed the problem years ago by being respectful and leaving in a kind way.

Honestly, I'm not sure why this sandbox is even sticking around. Most users here, including myself, gave valid reasons why this sandbox is bad, and the 2 users, Szczypak and Robin, who defended it gave very poor reasons for its existence and Brownie, Filename, and I pretty much debunked them, so I think all that warrants this sandbox's deletion. SuperStreetKombat (talk) 1:05, 12 May 2024 (UTC)