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LinkFilter extension allows users to submit all kinds of links (such as links to news, for example) to the site administrators for approval. The extension also introduces a new namespace, Link (and its talk namespace).

How do I submit a link?

To submit a link, go to Special:LinkSubmit in fill in the fields.

  • Title — a descriptive title for the link. A good title might be something like "Microsoft releases version 9 of Internet Explorer browser"
  • URL — the actual link, usually starts with http:// or https://
  • Description — describe the link a bit. What's in there, why would you want to read/view it?
  • Link Type — select an appropriate link type from the dropdown menu. These vary on a per-wiki basis.

How do I approve or reject submitted links?

The special page Special:LinkApprove can be used to approve and reject user-submitted links. Only Link Administrators (users in the linkadmin user group) and other privileged users (users with the linkadmin user right) can access this page.

Where can I view approved links?

The special page Special:LinksHome displays a list of recently approved links, along with their link type and the amount of comments.

Can I include a list of recently approved links?

Yes, you can include such a list with <linkfilter> parser tag. For example, <linkfilter limit="10" /> would include a list of 10 recently approved links.

Social wikis

If LinkFilter is enabled on a wiki that has the social tools extension enabled, then that wiki's administration may choose to give out points for submitting links and/or submitting links that the site admins approve.