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Since 2020, two users named Blubabluba9990 and DuchesstheSponge have been involved in several feuds on Fandom and Miraheze.

TheScumHouse Wiki (2020)

On September 19, 2020, Fandom user theLostRecreator blocked Blubabluba9990, an administrator, from theScumHouse Wiki for falsely blocking various users. Users such as Awesomehaig, DuchesstheSponge, Lana Loud Is in the House, etc. became involved. Several users argued that Bluba was being toxic, and Duchess was constantly editing Bluba's messages. Several other users also argued the wiki was pointless due to the existence of Terrible TV Shows Wiki and Horrible TV Show Episodes Wiki. The users eventually agreed to keep it in case Loud House episodes end up clogging up Terrible TV Shows Wiki.[1]

Qualitipedia drama, Part 1 (2021)

DuchesstheSponge, along with MarioMario456, has a long history of blocking Bluba from various Qualitipedia wikis.[2][3][4]


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