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User Wiki
I won't to be a user in this tiresome wiki
Hosting service: Fandom
Founding date: June 11, 2009
Closing date: October 2022[1]

User Wiki was a wiki on Fandom that allowed its users to write about themselves. It was closed in October 2022.[1]

Why the users are uncomfortable to contribute to this wiki

  1. Because of its scope, it was susceptible to vandalism.[2]
    • On top of that, the only admin made 0 edits to the wiki,[3] meaning that users had to rely on SOAP to deal with vandals.
  2. No quality control whatsoever.
    • About half of the pages were under 500 bytes.[4]
    • A few pages were placeholder user pages, which makes no sense.[5][6]
    • Sometimes, hate pages of users[7] or pages that had nothing to do with the user[8] were created.
    • Even pages about things that have nothing to do with the wiki existed.[9]
  3. The wiki was basically pointless since user pages exist.