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Garbage Memes Wiki
Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls! Here we present to you: A wiki with a terrible sense of humor!
Type: Reception Wiki
Hosting service: Miraheze
Founding date: May 1, 2019
Founder(s): OldDirtyFoamer
Closing date: July 2020

Garbage Memes Wiki was an attempt at creating a reception wiki that focused on bad memes but was known for poor quality control and a thin-skinned and rude userbase. The wiki was created on May 1, 2019 by OldDirtyFoamer, but was closed by July 2020.[1]

Why It Was Cringe and Unfunny

  1. The idea of making a wiki criticizing memes is downright ridiculous and questionable, since memes are not meant to be taken seriously and that they come off as way too one-dimensional to be criticized anyways.
  2. The wiki was obviously nothing but cancel culture, this wiki seemed to be obviously anti-free speech and anti-meme at the same time.
  3. The wiki admins were not active during its downfall and didn't do anything to prevent it from shutting down, similar to Weirdcyclopedia.
    • For example, a user named Desanta69 spammed and blanked pages for a while.
  4. The categories were lame (Memes That Should Get Banned,[2] Viruses, Memes That Are Meant To Be Funny But They're Actually NOT), and they put categories on pages that don't fit the category (Calliou Memes as "offensive," for example).
    • They labeled a lot of things "racist" too. One user put Ugandan Knuckles only because the name had "Uganda" in it, which is hypocritical because the same person called Iran and Iraq "terrorist countries".
  5. It became so anti-meme that SporeShroom, the lead administrator, had to close the wiki to prevent any more anti-meme pages from being created.
  6. The wiki was so bad in general that even the other reception wikis hated it, as did the Bad Scratch Wiki.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some of the users apologized for their behavior.[3][4]