Qualitipedia and the Original Reception Wikis (2019-present)

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You know that the network can't be considered as a "good" wiki network if it treats popular opinions as facts.
Type: Wiki network
Hosting service: Fandom (2013-2018)
Miraheze (2018-2022)
Telepedia (2022-present)
Closing date: September 2018 (Fandom)
September 26, 2022 (Miraheze)

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Qualitipedia (commonly known as the Miraheze Reception Wikis) was a network of eight reception wikis that criticized or praised various forms of media. Despite the common name, they were actually created on FANDOM back in 2013, with the first wiki being Crappy Games Wiki. Afterward, other wikis were created, such as Awesome Games Wiki, Terrible TV Shows Wiki, Greatest Movies Wiki, and Awful Movies Wiki, before being forced to move to Miraheze in September 2018 after FANDOM shut them down due to policy changes. After moving to Miraheze, the network suffered from multiple controversies that permanently damaged it and Miraheze's reputation. Qualitipedia was eventually shut down on September 26, 2022, following a successful RfC;[1] afterwards, multiple revivals were created, most notably New Qualitipedia on an obscure wiki hosting service named Telepedia.[2]

Why It's Low Quality Nowadays


  1. One of the network's biggest problems was that its userbase treats popular opinions as fact, which can cause countless dramas and edit wars.
    • Speaking of which, the userbase also constantly violates Miraheze's policies, such as harassing people with a different opinion, and the staff of the Miraheze wikis did absolutely nothing to stop them.
  2. Since the original founder was a right-wing anti-SJW, most of its users were anti-SJWs who treated SJWs and anti-GamerGate supporters as outright criminals. This was one of the main reasons why Rotten Websites Wiki was despised; the wiki was nothing but a political mess, as it constantly bashed everything that's "SJW" or left-leaning.
    • It's not hard to get brainwashed from their Anti-SJW belief, as they can convince an average user to become an anti-SJW or pro-Gamergate thanks to their pages.
  3. Although some pages were well-written (mostly the featured articles, but there were some without the featured template), most of the pages were extremely poorly-written (especially on Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki), with very short/vague pointers,[3][4] overusage of text markup, etc.
    • Even if they were well-written, some of the pages were hilariously bad, especially the ones made during The Outcast Network era.
  4. The network community is very immature and toxic; some of the network's staff were even corrupt.
  5. The wikis' content is also biased, especially when covering average media. For example, on Crappy Games Wiki, a majority of the pages in this category were biased to a greater or lesser degree.
  6. Despite the pages trying to be reliable, they often make claims with no proof or source whatsoever, and while some can be simply ignored, others have major claims that don't provide any citations whatsoever. For example, the "Funimation (2019-present)" page claimed that Nathan Sharp, a.k.a NateWantstoBattle, cheated on Cristina Vee during their engagement with no source provided;[5] one user tried to search for evidence that Nathan cheated and the only "proof" he could find was a discussion on lolcow.farm in which people mixed the allegations up with the false ProJared allegations, and showed a thread that doesn't prove anything.[6]
  7. Qualitipedia's issues and hate were so prevalent that Miraheze's reputation was severely damaged.
    • New Qualitipedia, the reboot wiki, would also repeat this incident that Miraheze has on Telepedia, as even the founder of said wiki farm, Original Authority, is aware of NQP ruining Telepedia's reputation just like what the old wikis did to Miraheze. It has got to the point where he even warned them that he would close down the wiki if they continue to cause more problems on the platform.[7]
    • Meanwhile in the Companyball wiki.The Mirahezeball page have a sensical negative opiniont about the network that it making looks bad </ref>https://companyballwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Mirahezeball</ref>
  8. Overall, due to toxicity and a declining userbase, Qualitipedia shut down on a sour note 9 years after its first inception on FANDOM.
  9. Qualitipedia is defending Barney & Friends, Hannah Montana and other Disney Channel sitcoms, Dora the Explorer and the later seasons of Sesame Street.
    • This is despite the former three having mixed-to-negative reviews—and also despite the fact that Hannah Montana has a 5.3 on IMDb while Dora the Explorer has a 4.3—going so far as to revert edits that list HM as "a bad show" on the Disney Channel[8] and It's A Laugh Productions, Inc.[9] pages.
    • The Barney & Friends page was deleted as soon as it put on Qualitipedia for "being a biased hate page", despite the show having a lot of negative reviews as well and despite the accuracy of the "Reception" header.
  10. Hypocrisy: in many of the "Bad Qualities" and "Why it Sucks" sections on their reception wikis like Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki or the Awful Movies Wiki, they have the tendency to criticize a piece of media like a TV show or movie for being "hip" and "cool" with the target audience, yet they use slang words like "legit", "cringe", and even "OMG" in some instances, which basically shows that even the wikis themselves try to be "hip" and "relevant" as well.

The Outcast Network era (2019-2020)

  1. After Qualitipedia's move to Miraheze, The Outcast Network took over its management; they are largely considered to be one of the worst groups in Qualitipedia's history, as they have a long history of causing drama (especially Mar9122, a former member of the Outcast Network), handling their wikis (Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, Horrible Vyonders Wiki, etc.), and being responsible for the downfall of Qualitipedia.
    • The group has proven to be irresponsible, as one of the worst cases of doxxing happened during their handling of Qualitipedia. In March 2019, a user named Zenko (now called Vos) joined the wikis and wanted to contribute peacefully; however, she found herself constantly involved in drama, which was the fault of a user named Se, who wouldn't stop annoying her. Afterward, a page about Zenko mocking her in the same vein as Encyclopedia Dramatica was made on Fun Shitposting Wiki, which she vandalized because it contained her personal info. In other words, they doxxed her just for the sake of being "satirical". Despite being in the right doing that, Zenko was unfairly hated and later added to the Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki; in 2022, SuperStreetKombat mentioned that there were rumors that she committed suicide, which were thankfully untrue.
  2. They once featured a small YouTuber on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki just because they made a poorly-written page of another bad small YouTuber on Amazing YouTubers Wiki (though it was later unfeatured).[10]
  3. Some pages, although well-written, are downright awful or just mediocre, not only because they lack sources, but the claims are also unsubstantiated. Some of the claims in said pages are even false. Examples include:
    • Atrocious YouTubers Wiki:
      • MrBeast (2012-2016)[11]
      • ElectricDragon505 (AniMat) (2016-Present); imported on Rotten Websites Wiki titled Mat Brunet (2016-present)[12]
      • Vailskibum94 (imported on Terrible TV Shows Wiki)
      • IULITMx; imported on Crappy Games Wiki)[13]
  4. They even had the courage of featuring a page criticizing MrBeast during his first years on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki despite being one of the most popular and greatest YouTubers of all time. The page itself is also biased and poorly-written, so much so that it makes you wonder why it got featured in the first place.[11]

Post-Outcast Network era (2020-2021)

  1. Despite the closure of The Outcast Network's wikis and their ban, most of the users still imported the pages to other wikis. This was more evident in Rotten Websites Wiki, as a lot of pages from wikis like Atrocious YouTubers Wiki were imported, with very little changes.
  2. The infamous Celebtards[14][15] and Celebsmarts[16] pages. No words can describe how awful these pages are.
  3. During this era, the wikis were rebranded into one network called Qualitipedia, and revealed that it would aim to be more serious rather than something for fun. This alone caused many people like Portrock1566 to leave the network for good, as they felt that it lost its charm.
    • To officially form the rebrand, Allistayrian (formerly known as Zeephare), a former admin of the network, decided to do what was called the Great Purge, essentially deleting every existing page on Qualitipedia. This received universal backlash and many people retired.

DuchessTheSponge era (2021)

  1. Ever since DuchessTheSponge became the new owner of Qualitipedia, he attempted to improve the network in various ways, all of which failed miserably for numerous reasons:
    • He caused some infamous opinion wars, a good example being the Spongebob page on TTS&EW.[17]
    • During this era on Qualitipedia, he made a few false accusations of some users such as Crappy Games Wiki founder of being a pedophile after creating an NSFW blog about hentai, which resulted in his retirement, and he also banned SuperStreetKombat from SephSpace for supposedly "defending the no custom heading rule", restoring the YouTube page on Rotten Websites, and removing Nintendo from Crappy Games Wiki's forbidden list, which also resulted in SSK leaving Miraheze for a while until he came back two weeks later.
    • He was also responsible for custom headers that added absolutely nothing to the pages and only caused drama and edit wars, which caused them to be banned many times, although for some reason their ban was revoked.
    • The most infamous case was the unexpected shutdown of the Websites Wikis in June 2021; it was discovered that DuchessTheSponge was behind the shutdown, and he was demoted as a result.
      • Speaking of the Websites Wikis, he also deleted the YouTube page on Rotten Websites Wiki and prohibited it from ever being recreated simply because the website is "liked by a lot".
  2. These ways also became pointless once two new bureaucrats arrived, as they gave better ways to improve Qualitipedia despite still failing.
  3. He was one of the biggest responsible for shutting down Qualitipedia due to his disastrous administration; after he wrongly accused CGW and AGW founder of pedophilia and SuperStreetKombat of the things listed above, no one even wanted him to be part of the staff anymore.

Allistayrian era (2020-2022)

  1. Allistayrian was an overall strict admin with insanely high standards who would delete every page she[lower-alpha 1] would consider poorly-written even if said pages are actually decent, especially from January to April 2021. After returning to Qualitipedia in June 2021, however, she improved and undeleted most of the decent pages.
    • She was also partially responsible for the creation of the "Good" template, which was redundant considering that the "Featured" template already exists, and it serves almost the same purpose as the latter template.
    • She has even the tendency to block users that do things that annoyed her.

The Final Months (2022)

  1. Ever since Allistayrian retired, a lot of drama happened that severely killed Qualitipedia.
  2. Certain admins had secretly attempted to kill Qualitipedia, with no new idea of improvement and barely any support.
  3. In August 2022, in the Qualitipedia Discord server, a bot created by Bukkit, a former admin of the network, ghostpinged everyone in the server, causing them to spam nonsense in the chat. As a result, DeerGazer (then known as TigerBlazer[citation needed]), another former admin of the network, snapped from the Discord server and announced to retire for good, even though they already retired in April (before making a full retirement blog when the RfC to close Qualitipedia was open). After that happened, many people retired, which not only saddened many people but also led to damage control without the help of many useful admins.
  4. In October 2022, after Qualitipedia's closure and after Stewards rejected the creation of newer reception wikis, Nidoking created an RfC that proposed an indefinite ban on the creation of new reception wikis. It ended up passing, so this prevents the creation of a reboot on Miraheze and seals Qualitipedia's fate as dead.[18]
  5. In early September of 2022, Bukkit and Marxo Grouch demoted SuperStreetKombat for promoting a few users to moderators with "no consensus", despite there actually being one, which was unfair considering that they could've warned him to stop instead of discussing his demotion in a private Discord server beforehand.

CJ's New Qualitipedia (Mid-November 2023-present)

  1. The reboot has many of the same issues as the original Qualitipedia, as detailed below.
  2. A lot of users reported to be wrongfully banned indefinitely due to the Abuse filter being poorly implemented and ban indefinitely whoever puts inappropriate language, even when certain words are not inappropriate at all. Thankfully, Original Authority, the owner of Telepedia, fixed a bit the filter and unbanned those who were unfairly banned.
  3. On this wiki, there was an infamous rule where copy-pasting pages from the old wiki (after its implementation on March 2023) is strictly forbidden, even if you created the page yourself. And while there were a lot of biased pages, there were also a lot of good ones that almost everyone would agree with, and if you are the author of the page, you should have permission to move it especially since only you edited it. They did eventually remove that rule after the new moderation team were appointed due to the backlash it received from their userbase.
    • Add to that, it caused quite a stir because they continued to copy pages from there for a while, and as if that wasn't enough, one user got banned just because of that copying. He did not attack anyone or any page on this wiki.
  4. Admins can take a long time to respond to trolls, which resulted in some admins having to be quickly promoted (Such as Raidarr) in order to keep the wiki intact, due to a troll raid.
  5. Custom headers are frequently abused and are arbitrarily added to average/decent pages as well as "Bad Qualities" and "Redeeming Qualities" sections in normal pages, with the Transformers pages being the worst offenders due to the frequent use of "Autobot Qualities" and "Decepticon Qualities".
    • This also led to drama as well as edit wars between users and even staff.
  6. The Mature template (and sometimes the NSFL template) often gets added to pages that don't even need it such as a few Teen Titans Go pages, and on top of that, there was even a "Caution" template, which served almost the exact same purpose as the "Mature" version before the former template was eventually deleted.
  7. The term "depending on your view" is constantly overused on a vast majority of pages, and this phrase is also pointless considering that Qualitipedia is already written in a subjective point of view (to be specific, based on popular opinion), making it redundant.
    • Speaking of other overused phrases, ones such as "x started/ended on a good/bad/decent/high/sour note" on every season starters and enders listed on episodes, can be overused to death.
  8. Due to excessive vandalism, an email address is now required to edit any page after December 2023, despite the fact that the wiki was originally free for registered users to edit without the need of adding their email addresses to their profiles.
  9. A small group of former users, Szczypak2005, Brazillian User, Robin1020th, and ChessGuy66, who were initially well-behaved users, started to create chaos by demanding that CJWorld be demoted for the "no copy-paste" rule, vandalizing pages, creating sockpuppet accounts, as well as creating their own hidden wikis that they claimed to be "better" than this wiki, which nearly gave New Qualitipedia a bad reputation for a while until at least some of the issues were later resolved.
  10. Despite having a page about sources that are/aren't reliable, a myriad of pages have videos and references of sources (most notably Mr. Enter or IGN) that are on the page's blacklist, which pretty much contradicts what it says about who or shouldn't be considered reliable when documenting the reception of a game, movie, show, etc.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It used to be good back when it was on FANDOM and during its first months on Miraheze in 2018.
  2. There were quite a few pages that were well-written or that a lot of people can agree with (despite some of them being deleted):
    • Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki:
      • Antoons[19]
      • The Loud House (season 4-present)[20]
      • Family Guy (season 8-present)[21]
      • 13 Reasons Why[22]
      • Ren and Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"[23]
      • Tomorrow's Pioneers[24]
      • Boku no Pico[25]
    • Best Shows and Episodes Wiki
      • South Park
      • Tom and Jerry
      • SpongeBob SquarePants
      • Teen Titans
      • Happy tree friends
      • Mickey Mouse
      • Shawn the Sheep
      • Steven Universe
      • The Angry Video Game Nerd
    • Crappy Games Wiki
      • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition[26]
      • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)[27]
      • Action 52[28]
      • Balan Wonderworld[29]
      • Popeye
      • Pinocchio
      • Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys
      • LJN[30]
      • PETA Browser Games[31]
    • Awesome Games Wiki
      • Mario Forever[32]
      • Super Mario Bros.[33]
      • Fallout: New Vegas[34]
      • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville[35]
      • Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2
      • Angry Birds
      • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
      • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
      • Disney Epic Mickey
      • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl[36]
    • Awful Movies Wiki:
      • The Smurfs[37]
      • Cuties (despite once having redeeming qualities on the page)[38]
      • Leaving Neverland[39]
      • Chicken Little
      • Home on the range
      • The Super Mario Bros Movie (1993)
      • Adventures of Buck Wild
      • Norm of the North
    • Greatest Movies Wiki:
      • 2001: A Space Odyssey[40]
      • The Angry Birds Movie
      • Inside Out
      • The Fox and the Hound
      • Encanto
      • Fantasia and Fantasia2000
      • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
      • Madagascar
      • Shrek
    • Rotten Websites Wiki
      • Twitter[41]
      • YouTube (2017-present)[42]
      • Common Sense Media[43]
      • Vyond
      • DeviantArt
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • Baidu
    • Fresh Websites Wiki
      • Reddit
      • ShoutWiki
      • ArtStation
      • IMGmur
      • Encyclopedia SpongeBobia
      • Discord
    • Magnificent Literature Wiki
      • The Cat in the Hat
      • The Grinch
      • Garfield
      • One Piece
      • Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone
  3. While the community is incredibly toxic as mentioned in WISN#4, there are also a lot of good users here, even if they did make some controversial decisions, although most of them either retired, became inactive, were about to leave the site.
  4. At least some of biased page were thankfully removed in late 2021 and 2022, especially on Crappy Games Wiki.
  5. They were in full support of Vic Mignogna in his innocence after he was falsely accused of sexual misconduct by the voice actors at Funimation, and most of the QP users were pro-IStandWithVic.
    • And speaking of Vic's innocence, Qualitipedia also were in full support of Michael Jackson's innocence regarding his pedophilia controversy and are against Leaving Neverland.
  6. New Qualitipedia is an improvement over the original wikis (even if it's not much better), especially considering they have more centrist-based views and the usage of more constructive terms.
  7. They at least made SuperStreetKombat a moderator after arbitrarily demoting him.


The Qualitipedia wikis were criticized for a variety of reasons, including treating popular opinion as fact and the lack of qualifications for whether a product is "good" or "bad";[44][45] despite this, there are some users who were upset when it was shut down but understood why the shutdown happened.[46]


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  1. Allistayrian came out as a transgender woman in 2022.[citation needed]