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Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki
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Don't look the celebdumb and celebsmart articles
Type: Reception Wiki
Hosting service: FANDOM (April 18, 2017 - 2018)
Miraheze (2018 - September 26, 2022)
Founding date: April 18, 2017
Founder(s): TheStarsoftheSkies‎
Closing date: September 26, 2022
Also/formerly known as: Terrible TV Shows Wiki
Terrible TV and Web Shows Wiki[1]
Terrible Shows and Episodes Wiki

Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki was a wiki founded on April 18, 2017‎ by TheStarsoftheSkies‎. This wiki is known for focusing on bad/average shows and episodes in existence. The wiki was closed on September 26, 2022 along with other Qualitipedia wikis.

Why It Was Terrible Itself (no pun intended)

  1. When season 8 of SpongeBob SquarePants got moved into Best Shows & Episodes Wiki, a lot of users tried to rig the article which leads to a toxic history and even to them trying to rig the page.[2]
  2. Back then, niche audience shows were banned all because of toxic GoAnimators and baby show haters even though the users accept the criticism.[citation needed] Fortunately, now they are allowed.
  3. Hypocrisy: When the wiki was named "Terrible TV Shows Wiki", they banned SpongeBob SquarePants and Family Guy episodes because they clogged up the wiki, [3] yet they had tons of other pages about long-running shows such as The Simpsons, The Fairly OddParents, Teen Titans Go!, etc. before the merge.[4]
    • One of the admins deleted every page related to SML because "it's not related to television", which sounds hypocritical since SML is a viral internet show and yet they are pages of other internet shows on the wiki such as Annoying Orange and Ryan's World. And to make matters worse, one of the alternate names from Terrible Shows & Episodeds Wiki was Terrible TV and Web Shows Wiki!. [5]
      • Later, however, they thankfully restored the page about the show itself and explained why they deleted the episode pages.[6]
  4. A lot of pages on the wiki felt unprofessional, like the modern Jeopardy! page.[7]
  5. The list of victims blog, a blog that is known so people can play the victim card.[8]
  6. In a similar manner to how the Cuties article once had redeeming qualities on Awful Movies Wiki, the Boku no Pico and Toddlers and Tiaras articles once had redeeming qualities on their respective pages, despite child porn being irredeemable.[9][10] The redeeming qualities were thankfully removed, however.
    • The same thing happened with the Tomorrow's Pioneers page, which was once given a redeeming quality despite terrorism being an irredeemable act as well. But luckily, that redeeming quality was removed.
  7. This wiki tends to be very nitpicky, which is an issue that already got carried over to its sister wiki and other wikis as well.
    • For example, they added the fact SMG4 overuses GMod on their seasonal rot page.[11]
  8. Although most of the pages were fixed before the wiki shut down, a few were still overexaggerated.[12][13]
  9. Much like the Horrible Music Wiki, the wiki had some biased views, in which the wiki forbade The Patrick Star Show for being "positively received by fans",[14] even though it has a 60% score on Google,[15] a 3.4/10 on IMDb,[16] and a 13% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes,[17] which hardly seems like positive reception, despite the few positive reviews from critics.[18] This clearly presents even more hypocrisy from the wiki as well.
  10. A lot of users there would frequently misuse the NSFW template by adding it to pages that didn't even deserve such a template, with the worst offender being the One Coarse Meal, which was very easily prone to the NSFW template abuse due to edit warring and even a user even threatening to rape SuperStreetKombat just for removing the template from that page.[citation needed] Because of all this, Street had no choice but to delete the template to end the abuse once and for all, but then FatBurn0000 created an RfC to revive the NSFW template, which somehow became successful as the template was restored, which could led to users returning to abusing it.
  11. The quality of videos on the wiki were extremely low on about half the pages of the wiki, using poor-quality ( frequently Vyond-style ) rants.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There were a handful of good or decent users on this wiki.
  2. Before Allistayrian came along, the wiki was much more respected and didn't suffer from as many shortcomings as it did after this.
  3. Like the Crappy Games Wiki and the Awful Movies Wiki, there were a handful of good or decent pages that almost everybody would agree on.
  4. There were articles on the wiki on shows that were actually bad, such as
      • "Teen Titans Go!"
      • "Tomorrow's Pioneers" (despite being a bit right-wing and once having a redeeming quality, thankfully removed.).


      • "Boku no Pico"
      • "Scaredy Squirrel"
      • "Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon"
      • "Loonatics Unleashed"
      • "Antoons"
  1. There were articles on the wiki that had TV Stars who have passed away or even terrible death events (like the murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward on WDBJ).


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