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Atrocious YouTubers Wiki
Type: Reception wiki
Hosting service: Fandom (formerly)
Founding date: June 18, 2018 (Fandom)[1]

September 11, 2018 (Miraheze)[2]

Closing date: September 22, 2020[3]

Atrocious YouTubers Wiki was a reception wiki focused on bad YouTubers, YouTube channels, YouTube content, and atrocious moments in YouTube history. It was founded by Pinky Malinky (known on Fandom as MiiFan2004)[4] on June 18, 2018 on Fandom.[1] It was recreated on Miraheze on September 11, 2018,[2] and was closed on September 22, 2020 by NDKilla for Content Policy violations.[3]

Why It Was Atrocious Itself

  1. Lots of bad pages about well-received YouTubers and YouTube channels, such as:
    • Cinema Sins[5]
    • IULITMx
    • ZONE TOONS (deleted)[6]
    • MrBeast [7] (the biggest and worst offender)
    • ElectricDragon505 (AniMat) (2016-Present) (imported on Rotten Websites Wiki titled Mat Brunet (2016-present)[8]
    • Vailskibum94 [9]
    • IULITMx (imported on Crappy Games Wiki)[10]
  2. Many pages lacked reliable sources, such as videos and references related to them.[11] For example, specifically naming a user from the wiki and stating they are a 'confirmed pedophile' is an incredibly bold move to have no source on. Appealing to common knowledge isn't necessarily best.[citation needed]
  3. On the topic of ZONE TOONS, the wiki was (borderline) anti-porn, which caused drama, as it is anti-free speech. Thankfully, as stated above, they were deleted. Keep in mind there are good erotic internet artists, such as alfa995, Derpixon and Diives.[citation needed]
  4. They once featured a small YouTuber on this wiki just because they made a poorly-written page of another bad small YouTuber on Amazing YouTubers Wiki.[12] Thankfully, it was later replaced by other bad YouTubers that were more popular.
  5. They even had the courage of featuring a page criticizing MrBeast during his first years here despite being one of the most popular and greatest YouTubers of all time. The page itself is also biased and poorly-written, so much so that it makes you wonder why it got featured in the first place.[7]

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some YouTubers, YouTube channels, YouTube content, and atrocious moments in YouTube history on the wiki were indeed bad:
    • Strawberry Milk (which essentially is also a warning to people that there's a degenerate user around the internet)[13]
    • ImJayStation[14]
    • Peluchin Entertainment[15]
    • Cosmodore


  1. In Miraheze, this wiki was founded the same day as the 17th anniversery of the September 11 attacks, ironically.